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friends only

comment to be considered

have all the friends i could ever want right now, could change my mind though, give me a good reason and i might add you...
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...okay... I got a damn livejournal...

Saint Matthew
oh i am happy happy...i added you!!!

I've missed you on deadjournal, so I came over here to check it out. But alas! You are friend's only. I miss reading your adventures.. add meeeee <3

ryan fairfield wants to be a friend of ermie's
eat out an ass...

I miss the chronicles of Ermie! (hey, at least one of us has an exciting life!) Add me plz?
hey hunnnnnn,
it's tick tick tick from deadjournal.

add me here?

<3 sarah



August 6 2004, 13:32:58 UTC 12 years ago

Ermie I miss you... Things just arent the same without you!

I've been over here for ages. add me! If you remember who I am!

haha, i love your user pic, and of course i remember you!
what's up kid, i think i may know you.


August 25 2004, 22:24:28 UTC 12 years ago

you should add me because... .IM AMY! why else.
and want to make sexy children with you. so add me because you have a more interesting life than mine.
...oh wait.. do i need a livejournal or somthing?
hey i thought i was ur friend, it won't let me read ur journal though.
haha, britt, you need to log in babe.
ok, and I'm not your friend because????..............

oh, Reggie and the full effect sucks.




October 10 2004, 21:10:26 UTC 12 years ago

I need a fucking livejournal to read ths dont i... GRRRR... well i have a deadjournal... soso much better.
HAhaha I have a livejournal now...

I lied,,,, LiveJournal is way cooler. Hahaha, ass me

hey its tarra....i was hoping to be added to the friends list..heh...
Ermie!!, hey we used to talk a lot while I had a deadjournal(same username as here) but I stopped using it and found you here; Add me back?
I'm such a tard. I have 255 in my interests and I can't remember what it is... only 3 people have it. You, someone else, and me. HAHA. You wouldn't happen to know what it is, would you?
Well, i'm not sure the significance of your 255, but my 255 is a joke between me and my friend. Here is the story. Whenever i would go to the bank, i would put in my ATM card, type in my password, and in huge font on the screen it would say ERROR 255!!!! And it was funny....i guess you had to be there...
lmao! That's so awesome!! It should have come up with a big "404 - password not found" error :P.

I'll continue on my quest to find the significance of 255...


June 1 2005, 15:10:24 UTC 12 years ago

your friend?


12 years ago